Color Chart

To choose a color sticker material you can see the color table below :


Cutting Sticker Material can be divided into two type :

1. Vinyl Material


This material is made of plastic and pliable, material of this type commonly used on Apple Gadgets, Vehicles Car, Wall Decor, Nameplate and Plague Store .


* Surplus :

- Material is very durable for outdoor locations ( outdoors ) and indoor ( in the room ) and can last for years without fading color.

- Material is not easily torn and easily removable back when not in use anymore.

- Glue the former patch remaining easy to clean, just cleaned with eucalyptus oil is applied on the surface of a used glue and wipe with a dry cloth used or tisue.


* Defisit :

- This material can only be affixed to on flat and slippery while on bumpy and uneven surface such as wood surfaces will not stick strong.

- Material colors can not be shine at night


2. Reflective Material


This material is processed using chemicals factory so that this material can emit shine when highlighted with light in the dark . Materials of this type are typically used in motor vehicles, plague street and area lighting is less.


* Surplus :

- Materials can shine at night when highlighted with light.

- Very strong adhesive glue.


* Defisit :

- Removable hard material back when it is no longer used.

- Material is easily torn when the attachment must be extra careful.

- More durable materials in the indoor area ( indoors ) than outdoor ( outdoors ) with a resistance ratio to 50 % over 3 years.