Terms & Conditions

With this you have agreed that :

1. Stickers are displayed on the site tokomonster.com is ready stock. We use the system cutting new sticker each order customers. So the items received is a new sticker and not a sticker inside the warehouse stock.

2. Confirmation of payment only done via SMS to 0821 2475 0852. Package orders on the day A will be shipped the day B, This means that if a customer ordered on Tuesday and confirm done the transfer then will be shipping on Wednesday.

3. Longer process time delivery depends on the courier delivery JNE and we here only use a courier service not as Package shipper (Courier).

4. All forms of damage and loss of package at the time of delivery, please be notified to the JNE your AWB Number. Your AWB Number can check here

5. Sticker already purchased and received can not be exchanged and refunded.

6. We give a warranty to the customer wrong order sticker cutting (not suitable order) with the same compesation initial order correct. Sticker replaced and shipping charges by us.

7. Any orders and purchases orders made in tokomonster.com considered to have agreed to the terms & conditions apply.