Frequently Asked Questions on TOKOMONSTER.COM


Customer : Are Sticker Products on the website TokoMonster.com ready stock and always up to date new design?

TokoMonster : Yes our products are always ready stock and for the new design up to date once a week and if you want to send a new design you can send an email to: andi_msc1@yahoo.com


Customer : How do I contact TokoMonster?

TokoMonster : You can contact TokoMonster in here


Customer : How do I make an order on this website?

TokoMonster : To order sticker measures here can directly check here


Customer : Do I need to contact customer service before ordering and after completing the order process?

TokoMonster : Before you order in TokoMonster, you can ask first via "Chatting" and after completing the order and payment process, you will need to confirm via SMS to 0821 2475 0852



Customer : Will I be contacted again after I make payment for my order?

TokoMonster : Yes you will be confirmed that your package has been sent through your email and Delivery Receipt for info you can check here


Customer : How many days can I receive the package after order?

TokoMonster : It must be understood we here use the services of JNE courier service, therefore the delivery time depends entirely on the performance of the courier. We only give an approximate estimate of the time until from JNE.


Customer : How do I see my shipping area?

TokoMonster : You can click on the product first and click on here and click here the "Estimated Shipping"


Customer : Is Holidays TokoMonster keep sending?

TokoMonster : On Holidays, TokoMonster reservations only serve order and do not do delivery. Since we use a courier service that JNE where on any given day delivery delayed until entry Weekdays.


Customer : Are make it safe delivery by courier JNE?

TokoMonster : You can use the insurance package offered JNE and will incur additional costs but the orders are not too large should not use Insurance Services. From experience TokoMonster send goods via JNE there has never lost objects or events that are open package.


Customer : What any payment received?

TokoMonster : TokoMonster only accept the Bank Payment via Bank BCA


Customer : Can i use COD (Cash On Delivery)?

TokoMonster : Yes, if you are in a Regional Outreach TokoMonster. Address TokoMonster located on Jl. Merak Dalam 226 Nanga Pinoh - West Kalimantan where we can do COD this area.


​Customer : What if I receive Package items that not suitable order?

TokoMonster : You can return products with fill out the form here and we will instantly confirm your order after the returns forms go into our data. Your order will be sent back and not charged other costs. We will give you the Free Vouchers for your next order.