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To choose a language , click the icon "SETTING" in the upper right corner of the website . There are two language options : english - indonesian


click icon "SETTING" and click one icon of "LANGUAGE"



To purchase products on this website , there are several options that must be followed before buying a product and the following choices :

Apple Stickers Product Category
You can see how its filling below:


In the apple sticker products there are 3 options and how to fill as above.

What if I buy the products of a kind with a few items ?

You just fill in the fields "Tell Information to the Seller" to give a simple description such as "order sticker 17 - 2pieces (2pcs)" or "order sticker 17 - 12pieces (12pcs)"

for steps "HOW TO ORDER" please visit THIS PAGE



To leave a comment on the product , you can click on any of the products and click on the column "REVIEW"




fill you need for a review of this product and click "CONTINUE"


To change their currency , click on the button "SETTING" and click on the "CURRENCY"




This function is not so optimally, because payment I received was Rp (Rupiah) and not $ (Dollar)


Discount coupons are usually distributed when we have promo certain products and these coupons can be used for all products .

I 've got a coupon but do not know how to use it?

You already get promo coupons and want to use these coupons please follow the steps below.

Select the product that you want to buy, click "ADD TO CART"
and then click "SHOPPING CART"
"Top Bar - Shopping Cart"
"Side Bar - Shopping Cart"
Furthermore the above you can use Top Bar or Side Bar, click "VIEW CART"
follow the above steps and finished.

What if I already have but I do not use coupons for shopping?

Discount coupons have a limit of usage time and up at a certain time will be out of date and coupons can be obtained from tokomonster not redeemable , but for use in your purchases back . If you want to ask to visit THIS PAGE



This feature is similar to the features of discount coupons , the difference here is "GIFT VOUCHER" will be sent to the personal email subscribers are special while shopping coupons distributed at certain promo.

How can I get this "GIFT VOUCHER" ?

Gift vouchers will reward you get if you frequently shop at tokomonster and form of gratitude as a business partner tokomonster.

Will I be able to use repeatedly?

The answer is no , it can only be used 1 time for 1 voucher code.

What can I deposit my money in the form of vouchers tokomonster and then a few days I will use for shopping?

The answer can be.

How do I use this voucher?

Before using voucher you will first receive an email voucher tokomonster containing the voucher codes.

Copy the code and the same steps to enter the code "DISCOUNT COUPONS"


For those of you who want to directly check the shipping cost (note. jne regular shipping) can immediately follow such steps "DISCOUNT COUPONS" and click "ESTIMATE SHIPPING COST"


Estimate shipping will not appear in "SHOPPING CART" if you do not select a product. You must select a product first and then do the check directly to the "SHOPPING CART"

update 31 July 2015